Teach Me Time

This adorable Talking Bedside Alarm Clock is a time-teaching tool and night-light all in one

  • This interactive product grows with your child and may help ease you into your morning as well
  • Glows a soft yellow as your little ones fall asleep and then turns green in the morning (at a time you specify) when it’s OK to wake
  • Kids can take pride in waiting for the green light before they come visit mom and dad in the bedroom with the knowledge of a job well done
  • 3 LCD display modes (analog clock, digital clock or both) allow parents to select the display type best suited for their child

Age: 3 years +

Specs: L 5.3 " x H 4.1 " x W 5.0 " x D 5.3 "

Price: $ 48.00
Product Status :
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