Maxi Deluxe Scooter
The maxi is the newest, high-performance, 3-wheel, award-winning, Swiss-designed scooter for kids ages 6+, by micro, Switzerland.  Inspired by the design of the mini kick, the maxi is similar but features upgraded materials to make it exceptionally durable, even over-engineered, perfect for the age group it was designed for.The maxi's 3-wheel design features the unique lean-and-steer mechanism, offering the feeling of ‘surfing the sidewalks’. The maxi takes street surfing to the next level with its adjustable pilot stick handle, allowing advanced riders to curve and carve like never before. Mastering the unique pilot stick steering option takes little practice but provides optimal performance and handling unmatched by other products. The maxi is also available with an adjustable T-bar steering option that handles just like the mini kick. The maxi kick’s reinforced fiberglass construction provides exceptional durability for everyday use while remaining amazingly lightweight. The rear ‘spoon’ brake and double-rear wheels add stability and performance.Built specifically for kids ages 6+, the maxi kick carries twice the weight limit of the mini, at 120 lbs. Micro Mobility Ltd. The maxi delivers - it is smoother, cooler, tougher!
Price: $ 139.99
Product Status : Available
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