Safe Sippy 2
The Safe Sippy 2 toddler cup is the world's first and only 2-in-1 sippy to straw bottle. Made from clean, non-leaching, stainless steel. The cup is tested free of BPA, phthalates and other harmful chemicals. The Safe Sippy2 combines all the great features of the original Safe Sippy, plus three new features that parents asked for most: a no spill valve plus straw and straw adaptor, a travel cap to keep the spout clean, and a travel plug to protect from any drips while out and about. The Safe Sippy 2 holds 11 ounce, has a straw shaped spout which is better for developing mouths, a colorful protective sleeve that provides insulation against cold liquids while protecting the cup from being dented and removable handles. The Safe Sippy2 is dishwasher safe.
Features: Cover lid, travel no leak plug, and new straw adapter. With the straw adapter your child does not have to lift the cup to drink. Also has removable handles. Dishawasher safe. BPA free. Phthalate free.
Price: $ 16.00
Product Status : Available